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LendCloud has streamlined the funding process to get you the funds you need within a short time frame. Many businesses apply for free to determine their quote.

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Franklin was amazing to work with! We needed working capital and he delivered in about two days. The process was quick and easy and he explained everything as we were going. I’d definitely Italy recommend if you’re in the market for this type of loan!

I had a great experience with Johnny. The loan process was very fast, the money was in my account quickly. Friendly was great to work with. He was helpful, knowledgeable, and was great at keeping in touch .Thanks again Johnny

Nick was very quick and responsive to my questions. He made sure that I was able to fully understand the process. Once I submitted the correct documents, I was funded quickly. So far the payments haven’t been too bad. They are daily, But he did say that with positive payment history, I could be approved for more and with more flexible payment terms.